Web fonts

This is a tricky one to explain, but on the web you are limited to relatively few fonts as only fonts that are installed on all  users’ computers can be used, so if you specify a font that only comes with Windows Vista such as Calibri, then no one on XP or earlier, or in fact any other operating system will be able to view this font. Thus people stick with ‘web safe’ fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Times and Courier (look at how few fonts there are on all the sites you visit).

There are newer fonts which people are using more such as Georgia but the full list is only about 10 that I can recommend using for everyone to get the same or similar experience from your site.

Then there is the issue of style, in that there is a design guide of a maximum of 3 fonts on a page (eg logo/title/body), ideally a sans-serif for body text and any other for headings. You can then vary bold/italic/size of these but more fonts on a page looks messy generally which is why nobody does it.




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